Money has the good side of the coin

A testimonial from Mr. Gary Peredo, an OFW based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia who works in a printing company.

Jeddah_Dec 17

When I attended the “Steps to Financial Security for OFW’s”, which is actually my first seminar regarding financial matter.

I was expecting to learn only the technical aspect of investing.

But sir Tristan started and imparted throughout the lesson with the basic & more important aspect in money management – our attitude, our behavior.

Hindi lang pala technic kundi ang mas mahalaga, ang pag-aayos at pagtatama ng pananaw sa buhay, pagbabago ng mind-set in handling our finances at pag-aayos ng puso sa mga bagay ng pananalapi.

Kanya that night was really an eye-opening event.

I also learned a lot from mam Carmi the many aspect of investing for a complete novice like me. References, suggestions and warnings are very very helpful.

Yung bang makikita mo kung saan ka pwedeng lumagay sa iyong present financial status.

What amazed me more is the concern and burden to educate the ordinary Filipino and OFWs.

Thank you for showing us the good side of the coin.