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You are really lucky because before we end the first quarter of 2015, we were given opportunity to share FINANCIAL TIPS coming from one of the partners in a professional auditing firm – Mr. Zeus Aboy. He was Tristan’s former Audit Director in another auditing firm. He had given Tristan’s practical solutions for audit problems – that’s why Tristan believes that he can give and share practical financial tips as well.

Let us introduce him to you.

Zeus Aboy

Zeus A Aboy – The very dependable and approachable supervisor

Mr. Zeus A. Aboy is one of the partners in Alba Romeo & Co., CPAs. – a local member firm of BDO International. As a partner, he is a business part owner of Alba Romeo & Co., CPAs which is affiliated with the said international auditing firm. Aside from being a partner, he is also involved in the academe as part-timer professor related to accounting and finance.

With his vast financial background, The Cristobal believes that every financial advice he will mention is very meaningful and one should take it seriously by applying these tips to manage his or her finances.

He shared Three Financial Key Advices on the following, namely:

  1. Tips for Business Owners
  2. Tips for Personal Finances
  3. Additional Tips for OFWs

Here are the financial advices that he likes to share with you:

  1. Business Financial Advice for Business Owners


What tips you can give for those business owners that can help them manage their business finances?


One of the problems encountered by business owners is that they are not able to separate their personal finances from their business finances. This is often the cause of the downfall of some small and medium-size entities. Owners tend to finance even their own needs from the money of they have from their business.

I know of one big company in the past where the major stockholder really used the money of the business and he ended up with stores without any inventory inside and heavily indebted. He was forced to sell the business as he could no longer pay the suppliers.

Every business owner should exercise due diligence in dealing with the money of the business.

Most important of all, get a very good accountant. Some business owners see accountants as “costs” but your accountants are actually your business partners. Do not hide information from them – They will provide you with business insights. Get the best. If you pay peanuts, expect to get monkeys.

  1. How to Manage Personal Finances


 How do you manage your personal finances?


I see to it that I keep portion of my earnings.

All the salaries I received from teaching, I seldom touch them.

I gave some of my ATM cards to my sister for safekeeping, I have the tendency to buy things sometimes I do not even need, thus, in order to cut my spending, I restricted my access to my ATM cards.

I look out for possible investment opportunities. I have an investment account with a local bank and also have my online account with my trusted stock brokerage firm.

I would not advise you to invest at PSE listed shares the money you expect to use in the next 3 to 6 months. Make sure when you invest, you can eventually just forget about it. What I mean with this is that you cannot always expect good returns in the stock market. Most investments take time for you to maximize your return.

I also increased my contributions with Pag-Ibig for retirement purposes. If you compute the retirement you will get from Pag-ibig once you reach 65, it may not even be enough to buy you some medicines you need by then, thus, from the usual P200 per month (with the employer’s share) I increased my contributions. Good thing the schools where I teach also contributes. I am now looking at getting around P700,000 to P1M by the time I retire. If you stick to the usual, you might only get P120,000 more or less.

  1. Money tips for every Juan OFW


Can you please give any additional Money Tips for every Juan OFW?


Take care of your hard-earned money. Remember that you need them for your future needs. Make sure you save 20% to 30 % of your monthly wage. I suggest you continue your contributions with SSS and Pag-ibig as your money will earn dividends and it gives you instant access to credit facility such as calamity loan (if you might need it someday).

I also encourage you to start your own business. This is the perfect time since you are earning more than what your family needs.   Use that as your leverage in starting your own business.


Kabayan, we are hoping that you have taken down those tips. It might be simple for you but we can tell – those tips are very powerful.


The Cristobal

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