Financial Tips from a young executive


Let us introduce to you Ms. Rose Bernaldo – a young executive who’s already a business-minded since she was a kid. Do you know that she bought her first stock at 13 for P5,000 using the allowance she save? Rose Bernaldo

How did she do that?

She coursed thru the transactions through her mom’s name. In few months, she made P2,500 and been trading in stock since then. For the record, she never had sold at a loss.

Rose is also a financial officer who is working as a senior audit manager in an auditing firm in the Philippines.

Here are the key tips coming from Ms. Rose….

  1. What tips you can give for those business owners that can help them manage their business finances?

This is under the assumption that you have already started your own business; hence I won’t indulge you with any start-up advice:

  1. The first cardinal rule is not to mix friends/family and your business. This is not because they are not capable, but if you involve your friends and family, chances are there are controls that will not be followed. In addition, you don’t want any sama ng loob when you guys get into an argument about business decisions.
  2. The second rule is to bring back the money to the business. Ang daming nagkakamali pag kumikita na ang business, kasabay ang pag gastos. Always remember that if you want to make your business to grow, invest in other developments of your business.
  3. Third, do not forget your working capital. Ano ba ang gagastusin ng business mo sa susunod na buwan? Electricity, rent, salaries, etc. At the very least, your cash on hand should be three times your usual expenses.
  4. Lastly, know when to fold. If you’re business is not doing well, know when to give up and learn from it. The greatest businessmen are those who have not met failure; they are the ones who fell down and got back up.


  1. On personal note, how do you manage your personal finances?

I will share with you what my parents have taught me:

  • A lot of people manage their finances by allocating a certain amount from their salaries to expenses. There is a better way.
  • You start with your target savings, what you want to achieve. From there you try to minimize your expenses. Hindi naman magbabago ung kita mo unless you are in a business; so for employees they have to learn to cut their costs.
  • Second, the increase in your salary does not mean the increase in your expenses. You do not need to buy unnecessary things. Would you believe that I only owned four (4) phones since 2000 and I have a second-hand car? I am not saying that you shouldn’t indulge or treat yourself to a vacation. Things should be done in moderation. Two vacation trips in a year is already sufficient and satisfying.
  • Lastly, sometimes we forget how often we use our credit cards. We are lured with offers of 0% interest or 3 months free before start of payment. I usually monitor how much I spend on my credit cards ( I only have two) and when I spend it, taking note of my credit card cut-offs. In the end, you would need to pay the charges with cash. It is best to be ready for it.
  • I get my extra income from trading in stocks.


  1. Additional money tips for every Juan OFW

Alam ko when you are an OFW, iisipin na ng lahat ng pamilya mo, kamag-anak mo at pati na rin mga kaibigan mo na mayaman ka na at madami kang pera. Pero, you should learn to love yourself first. Learn how to say “no”.

Your first responsibility is your nuclear family: your husband or wife and your children. The rest are just secondary. In the same way, your mindset should not be “my children will take care of me when I grow old”. After all, remember that your children will have their own children in the future. In short, everyone should be independent. Wag umasa sa iba. It’s never too early to save up for retirement. Hospital bills can climb up from PHP 6,000 to PHP 1.5 million for a simple trip to emergency room to a heart bypass. That’s something to think about.



Above list of financial tips is just another way to look forward on how we will manage our hard earned money as OFWs…

Dissect those keywords and magical tips behind those simple words shared by Ms. Rose…

Start now/early – Business – Learn from other people – Love yourself….



The Cristobal

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