Paano ba maging sales magnet?


Do you remember the article My Nanay is a Sales Magnet?

In that article, I shared a glimpse of our main character. I can’t really define or say perfectly in words how to describe her for becoming a sales magnet. No one can really tell except her. Don’t worry I am courting her to write something about business in general including personal finance management, debt management, life, and relationship – so it’s a package. Sana lang mapapayag ko…Paano

Papaano nga ba naging sales magnet si nanay?

Beside from having that natural charisma in the business, she has numbers of secret sales weapons on hand and here’s the list.

  1. Prayer –This is her number 1 secret sales weapon kaya siya naging sales magnet.

Yes! She always pray. I believe that she always asks God first to bless her every action and decision she will make.

  • She will pray before she leaves the house…
  • She will pray kapag walang tao na namimili sa puwesto (always murmur…)
  • She will pray to end the day

That’s why she is a sales magnet because she puts everything to God…and will do her part as a business woman.

So if you want success in everything you do, put God first. It’s proven but unfortunately sometimes I forgot to pray and ask guidance from Him – GUILTY of this. 

  1. She has a partner

My Nanay has a partner that’s why every business day is successful. You know what; her partner is also a Sales Magnet – My tatay. As far as I can remember, both of them can make P60,000 or more sales in a day – that’s the power of two.

Kaya I do believe in the power of couple – If the couple has the same goal and mindset everything will be seemed easy even though the challenges are so damned difficult.

I know it may sounds corny pero yan ang totoo…I can’t say any words na makakapagdescribe sa kanilang partnership.

You wife or husband or your partner is the perfect and best business partner that you can have in your life lalo na sa katulad nating OFWs. We need business partner.

  1. She is ready

She is always ready to make sales. She is ready to welcome all customers. She knows how to set a proper price for every specific customer because she can assess the purchasing power of a certain customer – Kaya kapag namili ka bilang isang customer – markado ka na. Either you buy or buy ang motto ni Nanay

And yes may sales talk kasama yan sa business and simple lang ang ginagawa niya – Guest first or Customer first.

Ganito ang ibig kong sabihin – Mayron kasing mga salesmen na tipong, kapag ikaw ang customer ay magtatanong ka sa sarili mo kung alam ba ng salesman ang sinasabi niya, ayaw man lang ngumiti ng salesman, ayaw man lang sabihin kung bagay sayo o hindi, kung kasya o hindi…ang matindi, ayaw ka man lang kausapin nang salesman…

Si Nanay iba – she will talk and accomodate you bilang isang customer na para bang magkakilala na kayo nang matagal…kaya, ikaw as a customer feeling mo komportable ka sakaniya…

As a whole, she is ready because she knows and loves what she is doing. She may not know everything but she is ready to face the business every day…. 

  1. Know the business

Nanay and Tatay know their business very well. They understand what the customers like to buy.

They purchased inventories with high quality kahit na ang puhunan ay mahal dahil maibebenta naman nang mataas.

Kapag maganda kasi ang paninda mo you can set the proper price para sa customers. But of course, one should be flexible – hindi naman absolute strategy eto. You still need to assess your business in general baka maya maganda ang products at mataas ang presyo pero – matagal naman pala ang inventory turnover mo – talo ka pa din…

In general, ganito ang ibig kong sabihin though not limited to these:

  1. Understand the market
  2. Set a good price
  3. Know your puhunan
  4. Sell and give your customer a chance for negotiation
  5. Make a deal with your customer

Kaya if you want to become a Sales magnet – KNOW YOUR BUSINESS VERY WELL – napag-aaralan on the way. Hindi mo malalaman hangga’t hindi susubukan ang mga business strategies na naiisip mo. Madaming dapat pag-aralan…

Four powerful weapons na akala mo ay napakadaling gawin…but I am telling you it’s not. Siguradong marami pang secret weapons si nanay at tatay sa kanilang business – kaya naging sales magnet sila…

And I believe that their ULTIMATE SECRET WEAPON is their dream to give good life for their children and have a happy family.

This dream helped and inspired them to become successful not only in their business but in life as a whole.



The Cristobal

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