What happens if you don’t have emergency fund, insurance or HMO card?

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Can I tell you a true story?

It was a rainy afternoon when this couple goes to province to pay a visit to old hometown. Both of them are senior citizens but yes they still travel on their own. “Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda” sabi nila.

Both of them had a good life during their working years. Sila ay OFW din katulad natin. They had a very good salary kaya naman ang buong pamilya nila ay umunlad din ang kabuhayan. Hindi na nga nila namalayan na pati pala ang kapitbahay ay namuhunan na rin sa knila. Mababait kasi sila at naisip nila na “it is better to give than to receive”.

Sa kagustuhan nila na makadalaw sa probinsya, kahit maulan ay sinugod nila ang lakas ng ulan.

Nakarating naman sila ng maayos sa kanilang pupuntahan. The lady had a severe cough. It started day after nang mabasa sila sa ulan. So days passed by and the cough worsen. Sabi niya “papacheck up na ako sa doctor kasi hindi na ako mkatulog dahil sa ubo”. So they went to the doctor to get medication. Apparently, the doctor doesn’t want to give medication kasi baka magcomplicate sa maintenance – she has hypertension kasi.

So umuwi sila na hindi nakuha ang gustong medication. Inadvise lang siya to drink more water and citrus fruits to help her cough problem to lessen.

Week passed and the cough is still the same, so she got another opinion form a different doctor.

Then she was given a medicine for her cough. The day after, she was vomiting and could not tolerate the side effects. Her potassium level dropped drastically that made her visit the emergency room.

To cut the story short, their family spent a material amount to pay for the hospital bills, medication and professional fees of the doctors. In a span of three days, the hospital bills were around Php 65,000 already net of Philhealth and senior citizen discount. However, it was not just three days that she spent there.

She had no insurance, no savings, and no HMO card.

So her daughter had to take care of her which she didn’t mind doing so because it’s her mom after all. For an average family, the amount above is too much, the figures only shows three days and you can imagine if she stayed for 10 days or more.

Do you know where they get the money to pay bills? It’s from her daughter’s emergency fund and the generosity of some relatives.


If not for the emergency fund, how can they pay the bills? Probably they will file a LOAN.


Ano ang kulang?

Do you think they will have to undergo this if there’s an HMO card? I think very minimal lang ang impact at may natira pa sa emergency fund.

Do you think they will have to undergo this if there’s an insurance that covers medical reimbursement? Probably not and they will only need to focus on getting her healed.

This is a reality and for an average earner, this is a MUST have. If you really value money, then be smart on spending it. HMO card and insurance is not an expense after all; it is buying your peace of mind.

Nonetheless, the above story had made a lesson in their family. Sometimes it happens to teach us how to be responsible. Remember, they are earning so well on their early years.



The Cristobal

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6 thoughts on “What happens if you don’t have emergency fund, insurance or HMO card?

  1. Dear,,

    How can I invest in a Mutual Fund?? can I use my wife’s name ( TIN number ).. I’m still in Saudi and planning
    to go home for my regular vacation..


    1. we can meet up kabayan raul sa bakasion mpo…yes you can use the tin of your wife ang investment ay under her name..kaya po walang problema….

  2. Hi I am OFW and I have insurance. Is it enough or I have to get also HMO?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Kabayan Normina, that would depend on your need, coverage of your insurance, and HMO like sum insured, benefits. You have to understand that HMOs are affiliated with certain hospitals while for insurance assuming with same designed benefits is reimbursable in general.

    1. HMO is a medical card or provision that will help you when you need medical assistance re hospitalization, check ups and lab tests. You can avail that sa nearest hospital sa inyo and ask about what HMO provider and tinatanggap nila. Tpos you can apply na and search an agent to help you open your account.

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