Magkano dapat ang profit sharing with partner?


Nagtanong sa akin, ang isa sa mga kaibigan ng kuya ko. Ang tanong niya ay “Magkano ba dapat ang profit sharing sa magiging ka-partner ko?”…PROFIT SHARING

Here it is and take note of this:

As your general rule, the profit sharing should be based on your comfort level. Depende kung ano ang reasonable profit sharing ratio or scheme for both parties.

Kaya ang next na tanong ay paano makukuha ang comfort level?

Simple lang:
1. Hinga ka nang malalim
2. Magbilang ng isa, dalawa, hanggan isang daan…
3. At ang unang lumabas na percentage sa isip mo – yun na…

Kapag ganian ang ginawa mo, malamang baka sumama pa ang loob mo kapag hatian na ng kita…

Here are the tips:
1. Understand the business agreement – You have to fully grasp that you are entering into a partnership agreement. In a partnership, it requires: A. Mutual Understanding and B. Trust.

These two are examples of values in doing business or partnering with someone. You have to know that partnership is an agreement between parties that requires meeting of minds to establish a mutual understanding and trust.

Trust is very important and the most common reason of  forming a partnership  which is being formed by friends, or someone you already know…

You need to know that TRUST is the key factor. Ibig sabihin, kaya ka pumapasok sa partnership with someone because you believe into something like, values, skills, and potential that the business will earn…

2. Greediness and misunderstanding among partners – This is one of the reasons why most of partnership is being dissolved. Money is a key factor here.

From the start, you have to determine the possible profit that the business can earn. This is to give you an initial feel on the profit of the business or can give you at least an idea of how much profit are you willing to share to your partner.

Remember that: you form the partnership because of the Trust – stick in this principle. Don’t be greedy. Live within the rules that the partnership sets. Don’t let greediness overcome trust – when you see that the business is earning well. – HINDI pedeng sayo LAHAT…

3. Managing the business – WHO will handle the daily business activities should be discussed. This is to set everything in place – that one should be managing the business.

Examples of arrangement are:
A. One will invest their time and money while the other will just invest their money.
B. One will just invest their time because they don’t have money.

It is very important to note that managing a business is not easy. The partner who will manage the business should be compensated accordingly based on agreement. Compensation could be through salary, allowance, or remuneration – consider the partner as someone hired by the partnership.

4. Profit-Sharing Ratio – Usually, this is based on the ratio of contribution made by each partner. Let us say:

A partnership is form by two friends. The total capital is P100; then each partner contributed P50. In this case, profit sharing is 50-50. Of course, this ratio could change based on the mutual understanding of the partners.

In a case where one partner is managing the business, it is advisable that compensation should be given then profit is divided based on the contribution made.

There are instances that an agreed profit ratio is based on guaranteed percentage of invested amount or a guaranteed percentage of profit.

So if you want to enter into a partnership, Remember that TRUST is a must and stick with the rules set by the partnership. Know your comfort level on sharing the business profit.

That’s it! These are simple tips that you can use and key principles that you can apply.

The Cristobal

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