Kabayan, Kain Tayo…


Tara! Kain Tayo!

Everybody loves foods and that’s what I did last Tuesday – Food Trip with friends. IMG_6218

Listen up kabayan, if you are in Jeddah – you have to try this Pakistani Restaurant and enjoy the spicy chicken karay… The restaurant is located along Sittin Road – going to Balad…You have to try this Pakistani Restaurant and enjoy the spicy chicken…

Last July 28, My friends and I went to this place again. My first time was in 2013. 

So by 7:25Pm, I was waiting for a taxi..

I waved my hand and the taxi stopped. I asked the driver if he knew the place and without a doubt, – he knew it. The restaurant where I was going is about 15min drive from my home without the heavy traffic.

So I arrived and nothing new actually. Though, I had concerned like I was alone going in the place and every person that I passed by was looking at me while I was walking along the way.

Nothing serious really, perhaps, everyone was just confused that a Filipino was walking towards that place – a Pakistani Restaurant.

Here we are:IMG_6223

Yes, that’s me on the right while Mohsin, sitting at the far right, is my Pakistani friend who informed us about this place. Turki, my Saudi friend, was wearing a polo shirt while Mustafa, my Egyptian friend, is on the left side.

In this restaurant, you really have to try their Chicken Karay because this is the restaurant’s best-selling and tasty dish.

Take a look into our meal – yum! yum!…Chicken Karay also known to Filipinos as Kalderetang Manok…


We ordered side dishes such as Fried Fish, Chicken Kabab, and Grilled Lamb but Chicken Karay is enough for us…IMG_6230

You already know what happened after the meal and look at that – a murder!!!. After realizing that we are all full, we all agreed that Chicken Karay is indeed enough for us…


SR50 each is not bad at all. Everybody is happy and full. Here we are in front of the Makkah Restaurant.


The Chicken Karay, a Pakistani dish na sadyang masarap – as in ang sarap!!!  I have no idea if they have other branches outside of Jeddah but if you are in Jeddah – you should try this one. Just be careful on the way…Ciao..


The Cristobal

7 thoughts on “Kabayan, Kain Tayo…

  1. You have to try this Restaurant , specially The Chicken Karay dish & it’s enough

    kabayan belive me you’ll love it.

  2. That was great day really with wonderful friends, And with the very spicy and delicious food..
    Actually i like what you wrote my Filipino guy.. Keep it up.
    And i was very happy with you guys (Mohsin, Turki)
    Thanks Tristan =)

  3. Hehehehe, so funny dude. i still remember your face next day when i asked you about it, you were totally ecstatic. I wish i could have joined you guys, but if for no other reason i will next time.

  4. Pare! great review on the food and the restaurant. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Thanks for giving me the credit of introducing the place to you. But there’s a twist in the story. This place was introduced to me by a good friend of mine from high school…… he is a Filipino (a kabayan) 😀

  5. Oh yes! there is another very important detail you had skipped out.

    Which is that, everyone’s stomach was fine the next day, despite the spicyness :p

    It was lovely going there with you guys as always. Waiting for the next time!


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