More OFWs served of Financial Wisdom

Last Aug 7, Friday, we had another round of financial literacy seminar to our fellow OFWs here in Jeddah. We were invited by our fellow kababayan to discuss and share financial wisdom to his co-workers.Mr. Jojo Calaranan is one of our attendees in our previous seminar and also an advocate.

Interncontinental Jeddah Boyz

Interncontinental Jeddah Boyz

Our kababayans, whom we served, realized their loopholes in managing their finances as OFWs. I was actually worried that they might leave the seminar during the presentation but I was surprised that every one’s eyes were looking at me, as if everyone is very thirsty. Thirsty on financial information. Everyone in the room is thinking deeply every financial wisdom that being shared.


Francis discussing Mutual Fund Investment

So I discussed about the basic of money management while Francis Castro, one of Angat Pilipinas volunteers, discussed about the basic of mutual fund.
Our group, Angat Pilipinas, believes that one should realize, first, the problem and accept the problem before one can make a solution.
So the first information into our seminar is by giving our kababayans financial problems or realities that are happening not only to OFWs but for all Filipinos. This is to give or enligthen every one the problems that they are facing.

Pasensya na kabayan, hindi tayo kasya lahat sa camera phone

Pasensya na kabayan, hindi tayo kasya lahat sa camera phone

Then the next one is we let them understand and refresh the reason of going work abroad, and of course, what will happen in the future if the hard earned money of OFWs will not be properly handled.
After this, we presented to them the recommended solutions for the financial problems. It’s a generic one but will surely give idea to everyone.
Last part of the seminar is that we gave everyone at least the basic of investment and the easiest investment to understand –  Mutual Fund Investment.
Then, alam nio na ang sumunod na nangyari – umuwing masaya ang lahat…
The Cristobal
PS. If you are in Jeddah and you have a group or can form a group, don’t hesitate to contact us because we are willing to give the same financial literacy seminar. Don’t worry its for FREE…
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2 thoughts on “More OFWs served of Financial Wisdom

  1. Dear sir,

    Good day. I am an OFW based in Oman. Can I ask you guys if we could have a seminar or financial literacy. npansin ko po kc madami sa mga OFW dito are easily attracted to easy money. Maybe we could hep them understand more about financial management.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi mark,

      we can set up seminar in Oman but we need resources. As you know, we are based in different countries and what we are doing is that we need someone that will take the lead on a certain country. Like you, who are in Oman, perhaps, through you – we can multiply and perform this seminar? please let us know…

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