When life gives you lemons, do you make lemonades?


I never paid attention to this famous quote for quite sometime until one day, I experienced it. It was like a bomb that blew into my face. I bet no one expects it, but it does happens.Lemon

All these years, I am trying to control things, trying to prepare ahead so I won’t have to deal with uncertainties, but I was wrong. I focused on looking forward, and never checked on my current state. I forgot to hit the pause, hold or stop button.

What’s my point? It is not always being prepared on the battle that will make you a better person. We will always go back to basic, and that is, mistakes makes us a better person. When we were a child, we will never know a boiling water is hot until we got burned because of touching it. We will never know something is dangerous until we got into it. Yes, we learn things the hard way. But these learnings, can take us even farther. It can also open an opportunity to realize if you are on the right path or not. It is sometimes a bag of trash only to find out that underneath is a gift waiting for you to open it.

If you are on the peak of what you do, you tend to focus on how to get there without checking what you got now. Sometimes we need to balance things, or else, someone will hit the stop button for you, and if that happens, it will hurt twice.

But, do we really need to undergo through it? I think yes, it can make or break you. What will you choose? Winning doesn’t always mean being on top, a real champion is someone who knows to accept things, bear the pain and learn from it.

A winner then, moves forward, leaving behind past mistakes, bringing with him the learnings, and aiming to be a better person than yesterday. It is tough, believe me.

So, if life gives me lemons, I make more than just lemonades, I share the lemonades to people who might be going through the stage I went through.

It is a matter of better perspective, looking at the positive side of things even though you feel everything is not in your favor. Be glad, because it means you’ve got so much room to improve.

Believe me, it will be so much better.


The Cristobal

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