Two Major Reasons why OFWs are Heroes



Are you an OFW? Are you a hero?

Are you one of the many who tells that OFWs are modern day heroes?

Every Filipinos already heard the phrase that OFWs are claimed to be the Philippines’ modern heroes. Hero – such a sweet word!

Every OFW is like you – nobody to someone, ordinary and has dreams in life. It just happened that OFWs choose to work abroad because of higher income and better job opportunity that our country doesn’t have much. .

Here are the two (2) major reasons why OFWs are called heroes:

  1. Family – On a personal level, OFWs are heroes because of common sacrifices by an OFW like working abroad to provide and experience long distance relationship. There is disconnection that “kills” the OFWs inside but as well their family left in the Philippines. A disconnection that one is not present during special occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, first day in school, taking care of your family when sick, and just name it – the list is unlimited.

As a married man, my family is my main reason why I work abroad. I have to provide for my family as simple as that. This makes me feel a hero. It feels like I’ve accomplished one aspect of being a father every time I see my family is safe, healthy, have food on the table, and with decent home.

On the other side, I should not only be a good provider, I should become a good father and husband. An OFW can only do this if the family is whole – this is the side that an OFW is like everyone else. We, Filipinos, have that attitude of family ties that working abroad gives emotional impact like homesickness and loneliness. This is the side where OFWs are indeed Filipinos who highly value his/her FAMILY.

An OFW is a person that has heart that beats; an emotion that can be joyful, fearful, sad, angry, and disgust. An OFW is a hero because of his/her family.

  1. Government – On economic level, OFWs are heroes because of dollar remittances. These remittances are used to buy needs such as food, shelter, various investments, etc. For every purchase, tax is imposed. Thus, the higher the remittances – the higher the income tax of the government. Now you know, why you are a hero and why being an OFW is promoted in a way of being the modern hero – it could be sort of marketing strategy. It’s a source of income by the government.

Let’s do the math:

For 2014 alone, the dollar remittance is estimated at $27B. On a straight line basis, just multiply this by 12% then just by P40/dollar (keep it at min). How much do you get? A trillion pesos tax revenue of the government. Now, don’t wonder! OFWs are modern heroes because of this.

Wait there’s more. It’s another source of income for agencies, medical clinics, etc… Just for OWWA alone, every Filipino should pay P1,000 as insurance then last April to Sept 2014, there are 2M Filipinos deployed. The result is P2T as another source of income for the assigned government agency.

Try to imagine removing this trillion of pesos in the government’s coffer. The government’s projects, plans, and targets will be negatively affected.

If you are an OFW, be proud! These are just few of the things that you are contributing to the government. The only concern is that most OFWs can’t even appreciate or feel the service being provided by the government. A public service that needs significant improvements – a world class service from the airport, assistance of distressed OFWs, entrepreneurship, financial benefits, balik-bayan boxes etc…

OFWs are indeed heroes. OFWs are heroes because of sacrifices for the love of family that benefits the country.



The Cristobal

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