Money OFW Tips from a Seafarer


Are you ready to know more tips from one of our kababayans? She is a seafarer. Wow! a very tough job enduring the work in a ship – a cruise ship. A cruise ship? then you’ll be thinking na maganda siguro magtrabaho sa isang cruise ship. Maybe, remember that we, OFWs, have in common – to save money so that we can go back home.


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Clarissa is just one of the many OFWs who is finding ways to end her cruise ship career and wishing to go back home…
What’s keep her busy aside from his work?
She’s been looking for ways to be frugal and invest her money. She already attended seminars and bought e-books (of course, including our Discover the Five Year Plan of an OFW. She even ventured in blogging as well. Her website is – The Frugal Pinay Crew.
Isn’t that amazing to hear?
The list of her tips for you:
1. Settle your loans – making you debt free,  No Loans/ Utang
2. Sort all of your expenses
3. Create emergency expenses
4. Set up small businesses
5. Protection
6. Live within your capacity
7. Invest your money
8. Have a supportive partner


She know that some of you who have been an OFW/Seafarer for quite sometime like her and would wish to come home for good but still managed to provide your family with substantial financial support.Or maybe you are Seafarer’s wife or husband where you want them to come home for good and spend time together with your children.


We can plan our “back for good” and work for it.

You can read here for her detailed article Clarissa’s Money Tips for every OFWs
The Cristobal
PS. Are you in the same situation like us? As Clarissa said “Start early. Save and invest regularly. Make a plan and act on it.”
PS. Grab our free e-book here entitled “How to understand ofws and help them go back home”. Just sign-up into our site for you to grab the free e-book.

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