Not Just your Ordinary Purpose of Investing

Not your Ordinary Purpose of investing

Her name is Rose, 33 year old lady. An OFW in Israel where she is working as a caregiver. She’s been in the country for more than 4 years and it is her first time to be an OFW.
Once upon a time (last saturday, Nov 21), I received a thank you message from Rose. Likewise, i thank her for inviting more OFWs to join our FB community. She told me that she simply want her circle to learn and encourage investing – such a simple noble act from an OFW. Hey, that’s not her story that she like to share with you.
She actually asked me on my preference about Mutual Fund or Variable Unit Link because she like to start investing but she have to study first her homework. I said, it depends on your purpose, both has their own strength in terms of investment. She is actually new in this kind of activities where she is looking for possible growth opportunity of her hard earned money. Here’s the thing, she is really very eager to start. It’s like now or never.
At the age of 33, she realized and appreciate more, the importance of time through investing. Wow! After 33 years of existence at last she is open-minded (hahaha pyramiding tag line?). I mean she is able to realize the value of time. Would you agree if i say that time is the most expensive commodity in the whole wide universe?….
Before we proceed, let me tell you that if your situation is better than Rose’s  and you are not investing on anything beneficial for you and your money -You have to think deeper now… I hope that her story will inspire you…
I asked her purpose of investing…
She said, “I can’t explain. All I know is that God provides all my needs. I can also say that He, first, settled me a good spiritual foundation in my life then the rest will follow. I am holding unto that. Hindi ba, sa investing, Invest into yourself first. Ganian ang ginawa sa akin ng Panginoon. He built my foundation so that I can stand firm in life” her reply to me…
I was surprised with answer. I can’t even comprehend her statement. “What’s that all about?” I said to myself. Her response really surprised me because it’s quite different and an uncommon response. Hers is a very profound purpose that very few would realize.
One afternoon while her husband had $2,000 and P90,000 cash on hand. A gentleman in a van purposely asked her husband then suddenly pulled her husband inside of the van, covered the head with black garbage bag, and put a gun on the head. Yes kabayan her husband was a victim of robbery when the modus is to act “as if asking for something” to pull the victim inside of the vehicle.
This sad event just happened last July of this year. The $2000 was supposedly for the placement fee of her brother in law while the P90,000 is their hard earned money that they saved for months plus will be used for payment of their housing loan. This sad event cost them trauma plus $2,000 that was a money of her brother in law.
Another tragic event happened when her 7 yr old child was kidnapped last September 2015. Thank God, they were able to get back her child within 36 hours through the help of their pastor. Regardless, can you imagine the fear, anxieties, and trauma. An immeasurable experience that traumatized not only the child but the whole family.
Do you get now her point about her purpose of investing? Rose is really an incredible woman. A strong woman that despite of these tragic events she became curious in investing to protect their hard earned money.
Upon knowing the story of Rose, I realized that God provided spiritual strength to Rose that helped her to pull herself up. Even though she was weak during that time, God made her strong and she believes that God is greater than any problems….
Regardless of the situation that happened to her family this year, she is able to realize the importance of time through investing. It’s only a matter of time for them to recover financially, emotionally, and psychologically because God gave already inner strength for them to beat the odds…Our prayer is with you…
This is the investing story of Rose Valenzuela.
Ikaw kabayan? Anong kuwento mo? Hindi ba? kakaiba ang nag-trigger kay Rose para magsimulang maginvest?

Rose and her family experienced a risk level that an investment doesn’t have.

A risk of losing their faith and family is a risk that made any investment risk – nothing!.

Money is indeed nothing but just a man-made thing. Yes, money is important in our lives but our lives, faith, relationship, and family is far more important than anything else.

Ask yourself…Where are you now? Where are you financially? Do you want to experience the same before you start realizing the importance of time? Hahayaan mo na lang ba na OFW ka na wala pang naiipon o ma-iipon pagbalik? Think about it…

The Cristobal
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