OBRA Awardee: Outstanding Filipino Blogger Awardee “The Cristobal”


Sharing to you our  short words during the awarding. Thank you because you are the main reason of the award and we are just nobody but your ordinary fellow OFWs…

“To our God almighty, our beloved speakers from OWWA and DTI, to my fellow awardees, to the organizers and everyone here in this event… Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat..

Do you know that?

OFWs tend to sacrifice their meals, birthdays, anniversaries or other important events because ofws always think of the money that can be saved and sent to their families in the Philippines.

This is one example of a true OFW – they think not only for their families but also helps build a better Philippine economy.

Despite the sacrifices of OFWs, there is one sad reality — that is going back home without enough savings or investments.

This is one of the reasons why we write.

Since we started writing through our website www.thecristobal.info — our lives have changed.

It changed our lives because somehow we are able to give help by sharing or giving financial information that we know can help our fellow OFWs to help manage their salary or finances abroad.

There are even many times that fellow ofws are coming to us to seek advice regarding their financial condition, or just share their stories because they can relate to our articles. In fact, we encourage fellow ofws to share and inspire others. The stories we write are all but real life ofw stories.

It changed our lives too because we learn also from our fellow ofws and it made our relationship as married couple stronger.

Our blog is a simple way to reach out fellow ofws about our advocacy towards financial awareness.

I accept this award “Outstanding Filipino Blogger”,  in behalf of my ofw husband, thank you for recognizing our effort, our advocacy. “

We will continue to give information that will nurture the financial awareness of every OFWs.

Congratulations as well to other awardees. Mabuhay po kayo..

Again, Maraming salamat po at magandang hapon sa inyong lahat…”


The Cristobal


Picture will all other awardees




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