Obtaining requirements is really a challenging task not just a simple task but huge challenging task especially if you are dealing with Philippine government agencies.
One example I have is obtaining a NBI Clearance. I obtained NBI Clearance year 2010 and it only took less than an hour (at glorietta park square) to get my NBI Clearance.
After more  than 5 years, it happened that I need to get a NBI Clearance again. The difference between now and before is that NBI created an online registration to obtain the clearance – an online application today  compared to prior years without online registration. So as a balikbayan, I am very happy about this so called online registration as a significant improvement of the agency. A balikbayan with an expectation that it will make our lives easier compared before.
I applied online and paid online. Got scheduled and went to the NBI Satellite Office at Robinson’s Galleria. Do you want to know what happened?
I was surprised to see these…
NBI Clearance 1
And these…
NBI Clearance 2
What happened?
The expected efficiency that I was looking forward due to establishment of online registration was simply a dream. A project that is not properly planned, and implemented. It could be stated also that it is a waste of resources (money and time) because it didn’t serve its purpose to be convenient and efficient.
The NBI established a costly or expensive system for the online registration system but it failed to implement its purpose by serving the public conveniently. I mean, an online system  should make the process efficient (fast and at a minimum cost) for both sides – NBi and applicant, but those pictures above are stating otherwise. The online registration made the process worst….
Above pictures and my experienced can conclude that the NBI clearance online registration is inefficient and inconvenience because of long qeue to be compared before and costly because of additional charge for paying online unlike before, one was only paying the P115 NBI clearance fee.
The online registration is not helping us applicants in any ways BUT takes more of our time and financial burder to us.
What should be done?
Create more satellite offices to serve more applicants. There’s a long qeue because the office can’t accommodate all applicants. With million citizens in Metro Manila applying for NBI clearance there are only  15 number of satellite office (based on, the number of offices should had been considered during the planning stage of the project.
In the online schedule, the agency should assigned/gave already a reference number or specific time to serve an applicant and not by giving a number on site. This is more convenient to both parties (satellite office and applicant) by going on time and serving the applicant on scheduled.
Most importantly, the agency should remove the additional charge of P15 because the expectation by the public is to obtain NBI Clearance fast because it’s ONLINE but the public is just experiencing the opposite of the purpose – a slower or inefficient process with an additional cost. So what’s the sense of paying more money if the service became worse. As a benchmark, banks are accepting BIR payments without charges in favor of the BIR as a government agency so NBI should do the same.
The Cristobal
PS. This is just a simple review of the online registration. Please consider this as business improvements to be done and to help the NBI properly use its online registration.


  1. March 07, 2017

    Nagonline ako ngayon para sa NBI. March 13 ang appointment ko. Kung nabasa ko lang to di na sana ako nag bayad agad online.

  2. i have the same bad experience with this online appointment strategy of NBI. We booked for an appointment, paid it thru bayad center and when we went to NBI office, balik daw sa Monday. take note ha our schedules appointment was friday. 2 days would be wasted. I showed the NBI personnel the print out of our appointment attached the payment. My goodness! how inefficient. This happened on January 2016. I dont know how things are going now.

  3. Hindi ma-select yung over the counter payment sa online application kaya nag-search ako sa net kung papaano ang gagawin, ang sabi: basta may reference number na makuha ok lang. Nung pagdating namin sa NBI, ang sabi hindi valid yung application, nag-fill up tuloy ulit kami. #@$%&€?!

    Ang sakin lang naman, bakit niyo pa kasi nilagay yung option na over the counter payment kung hindi lang din nila susundin? Yung 115 pesos na regular fee nagiging 165 pesos kapag online ang ginamit na mode of payment, sayang din naman kasi yung 50 pesos kaya yung over the counter yung hinahabol namin. Bakit naman ganun?

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