How to transfer money to any BDO or BPI account

How to transfer money to any BDO or BPI accountKabayan,

Have you ever experienced a long queue in the bank? Sometimes it takes an hour before the teller serves you? And then you only have 1 deposit transaction less than Php 10,000? 
Hassle di ba? With our very busy schedule, we don’t want waiting time – imagine??? 1 hour? Nahhh!! 
I have good news for you! If you have an account with Bdo or Bpi, you can do it online. Actually matagal na ito available hindi lang agad nai-share ng inyong linkod. 
Disclaimer: We are not connected with BDO or BPI. 
Here’s how:
For BDO account holders:
1. Log in to your online account. You will be asked for your one time password via your enrolled mobile phone. If not, you can go ahead and click the challenge question and answer it. 
2. Go to Send Money, then choose Send Money to any BDO account. 
3. You need to fill up the following:
      1. Source Account
      2. Amount
      3. Destination Account
      4. Remarks
4. Click submit. 
5. Review details. Be careful because you might have entered the incorrect account numbers, you might not recover it. 
Tip: If you have frequent transactions or you know that you will have further transactions with them, save a template. 
6. You will then be asked for OTP password. Enter it and click submit.
7. A window will appear that you have successfully transferred the amount. 
For Bpi account holders:
1. Log in to your bpi mobile app (only works for mobile). 
2. Go to Transfer 
3. Go to Transfer to anyone 
4. Fill up the following:
           1. From Account
           2. To Account
           3. Amount
           4. Remarks 
5. Click Transfer. 
That’s it! Easy! But always be careful with your transactions ha, kung hindi emergency do not do it while you are connected to a public wifi. Exercise precaution too. 
Saves time.. 🙂 
The Cristobal
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