BDO, We find Ways, Really?

Can BDO Find Ways?

I still remember that day when I was very excited to open a bank account because it’s my first step to save money. Do you know why I was able to open?

It was year 2005, when I opened my first bank account. I was very happy because for the first time in my life – I can say that I have something to call my own. That I open my own bank account not for someone else or of a client but mine alone.

I was able to open my bank account in BDO because during that time, one can open an account for a very minimal amount. One can start either  P500 or P1,000 only (T&C applies) to open. So without hesitation, I proudly opened an account and I can’t open an account in other banks because they require a larger amount of amount like P10,000 – P50,000 minimum.

Until now I have that account and I really appreciate BDO because of that great strategy they have by capturing those aspirational market. Unfortunately they have no longer this kind of strategy, their minimum amount to open an account had increased, and customer service is becoming poor and less innovation to be compared with their competitor/s.

Though, I am still a BDO fan because I am still clinging in that precious moment. They had given me chance on how to protect and save my money at a start. But my admiration to them as a company becomes less and lesser every time I will go to any branch for a certain transaction.

Just like what happened recently, I had only one transaction for deposit and it took me almost one hour waiting before I’ve been served. Imagine the waste of time that they are giving to their customers? Not only that, they don’t have any chairs plus the queue is becoming longer every minute. They let their customers suffer while waiting to be served. So the question is, Is BDO really finding ways or not?

Why not put some chairs or couch, serve coffee, tea, sweets or chocolate? Is it a significant investment from the bank’s end if the return would be goodwill, good feedback, and retention of customer’s loyalty? Perhaps, they already know that the faster you serve the customer, the faster money come in.

Another thing, when one customer will request something either small or big favor – you better expect a “service fee”. Do you remember their latest design of charging fee about your online transaction could be charged? Well, from the business point of view, it’s really a good source of income because of it is expected that there will more users and more transactions online – so as a business, it is a good strategy to charge a fee so that they can maximize the potential but seriously, really? Does the bank really have to do that?

Does the bank really have to charge for that if it will save more time and energy of their people? Instead one will go physically to the branch to pay, the customer will pay online that will result to shorter queue, BDO’s employee will be able to serve more walk-in clients, and can focus on other business important matter.

So how about an improved efficiency to the bank service without financial burden to the customer? This will be appreciated for sure by its customers that will lead to good marketing.

Another one is that until now, I can’t understand the reason of charging a depositor if the receiving branch is located in the province or outside Metro Manila while their competitor is not charging at all. Can somebody please explain this to me?

The worst experience I had with BDO is when my wife made a stop payment order for a check payment. To our surprise, the bank accepted the check and debited into our account. Wow! Really? We paid for the service and yet we got this kind of return! What a waste of time and money! I believe this happened because I think the bank has no application system monitoring for this kind of transaction.

Again, I am BDO fan but my admiration to the bank is becoming less and lesser every time I go to any of its branch for a certain transaction.

Perhaps, the slogan should be BDO, we find ways to make your life harder?

Can BDO really find ways or not?

Now, here is the challenge to BDO, can you really find ways to improve your service? Or are you just finding ways to charge your loyal customer for every service or innovation that you are doing?


The Cristobal

PS. No harm is intended to the bank but this article is to express constructive ideas to help the bank improve its service. From who else they will get the best improvements other than their customers.


7 thoughts on “BDO, We find Ways, Really?

  1. I can feel you. I dump them for BPI. Waiting chair is a deal breaker for me. Imagine waiting in line for as much as one hour standing! While other banks provide chairs and reading materials for the waiting clients.

  2. I am considering already of moving all (yes ALL) of my business (however, insignificant the amount maybe to BDO) to another bank because of similar reasons you have stated here.

    As a customer, I value relationships and loyalty but BDO’s latest move to charge online transactions is the end of the line for me.

    If only BDO was true to its slogan “We find Ways” but several times and in several occasions it has been “We Find Ways to Make it Hard-er” and I am just tired of hearing the excuse “Pasensya na po. Ganun lang po talaga.”

    -dismayed customer

  3. I love Maybank! I feel at home everytime I am doing my transactions there. There are free coffee, tea, water or candy. I am sitted in their very comfortable sofa while waiting for my number to be called.

  4. Offline ang atm sa branch of account ko for a week na. So nagOver-the-counter ako. May fee daw. After much negotiation with the teller who called her supervisor for saklolo, iisa lang punto nila. I have 2 choices: withdraw over the counter with the fee OR go to another branch where the atm is working. They do not listen. BDO finds ways to cling to their projected income. To think that i have a savings account and a remittance account sa branch n yan. Ending? I walked out feeling disappointed, dejected, in-disbelief…opened an account (literally) next door with PSBANK. ang sama sa loob to realize it’s all about the money. They don’t really care.

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