The REAL cost of Insurance


Listen carefully. Won’t tell specifically whats in it for you if you avail your Insurance. 

But, let me tell you  true story about what would it take for you to get an insurance.

Here it is….

Two years ago, i offered an insurance (Prulife) to my friend. This is the typical approach.

I initiated the conversation and asked “Hi, kamusta na?” (yes we established normal conversation muna and build good rapport first).

And then I offered insurance for the family and my friend turned it down. Yes it’s ok, because it is not my friend’s priority at the moment. I didn’t close door and told my friend to contact me if needed.

Fast forward 2017, something tragic and heart breaking happened. Child got an accident, got comatose, and eventually the child is now in heaven.

So quick it happened, no amount of words can describe the pain. I would remember a story about pain. Let me tell you quickly.

If you lose your parent, you are called orphan.
If you lose your spouse, you are called widow.
If you lose a child, what is it called?



Because no words can ever describe how painful it is to lose a child.

Why am i telling you this? Insurance cannot by all means bring back the life, but it solves the problem that we can control and that is the costs incurred in hospital bills, etc.

My point is, let’s not wait for something so tragic to happen before you even consider buying insurance.

Again, it’s not for me (my commission and quota) but for you and your own family. 


The Cristobal

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