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“The Quickest Way we know to DO Bookkeeping for Small Businesses”


Dear Friend,

Don’t worry now about the bookkeeping problems that you are facing. We are here to help and guide you.Bookkeeping made easy

To begin with, We are The Cristobal (Tristan and Carmi) and even though we are accountants we still feel like recording business transaction is just too complicated.

So don’t worry, we were once in your shoes.

Initially, we applied the accounting technicalities that we learned from school but then, we realized that it doesn’t make sense to use these complicated things for our simple and small business (sole proprietor).

Our goal

We are sharing a skill that teaches you how to manage, handle, and help you control your business.

It’s a challenge to improve this bookkeeping skill so that even non-accountants can perform it. Thus, we have to do it simple but very powerful tool.

This is our primary goal – that even non-accountants can understand the records or can do bookkeeping because we don’t have a lot of time to do it. We can ask someone, mother-in law or anyone from my family to do it for us if we don’t have time. They just have to follow or write all information that is needed. It’s like fill in the blank quiz for them.

If we find it challenging to do bookkeeping, what more for non-accountants who don’t have:

  • Formal accounting background
  • Have no guidance from anyone
  • Don’t have much time because of so many things to do as business owners
  • Don’t have skills for numbers – let’s face it some people just hate numbers

Thus, we created this simple bookkeeping guideline for people like you because we know how difficult it is.

At the end, we invented our very own record keeping technique which is very simple, powerful, and can give us relevant information about the business.

 The disaster

The most common problem in small businesses is when you tend to ignore proper record keeping because you “KNOW” that your business is earning.

Perhaps, you are in a situation where you feel like your business is earning but you don’t have basis to give you the actual result of the business and support your decision,

  • You feel like it’s difficult to keep track of your business finances
  • You are paying your bookkeeper and you thought that it’s not worth it
  • You just started your business and you wanted to hire bookkeeper but hiring one is expensive
  • As business owner, you don’t know how to do bookkeeping and you thinking that you are doing it wrong
  • You have ideas that make bookkeeping too complicated and difficult
  • You want to hire one but you don’t know if it’s worth the price you paid for
  • You always thought that accounting software system will solve your bookkeeping problem
  • You are recording your transactions but you want to improve your skill
  • Worst, your business transaction is chaotic

Then there’s recommendation to hire bookkeeper but then you are not confident if it’s practical to hire one at the stage of your business

Why your bookkeeping problem hasn’t been solved? because

  • Bookkeeping is time consuming
  • You don’t have accounting background
  • There are accounting software system available in the market but you find it costly and you don’t get the full benefits from it
  • The bookkeeping manual available in the market is s very technical
  • Nobody is teaching you but if you go to the seminar – you still find it technical

In this e-book, you’ll know:

  • The Importance of understanding your business
  • How to handle your cash receipts and payments
  • The Cost of bookkeeping
  • How to ignore the accounting entries
  • The basic accounting equation to help you record your business transaction
  • The Practical application of bookkeeping in your business

There’s more….

You will acquire the foundation of financial management which is the key factor to succeed in your business.

Even though you are skilled in creating your goods or providing your service – the profit will just be gone if you don’t know how to keep track, spend, or use the money wisely for business purposes.

To know this, you need to collect, summarize, and analyze these financial data available. This is obtained through proper bookkeeping of your business transactions.

Poor bookkeeping is one of the results of poor financial management. This is one the reasons why business fail. As a business owner, I am not saying that you can’t leave this task to your employee but you need to understand the basic principles which you will use on daily basis. Especially, if you are just starting your business or your business is just starting to grow.

Is this right for you?

This manual was developed for those who would like to acquire bookkeeping skill for their business but they don’t know where and how to obtain that skill. This e-book is for bookkeepers also who like to improve their skills or for curiosity sake compare their work with this e-book.

And if you feel like it’s a must that you should be doing your bookkeeping or you are not confident to hire one bookkeeper, this is for you.

We are offering to you the blueprint of how to perform bookkeeping easily…

How much?

You only need to invest $10 or P500 plus your time to study – perhaps, just after reading this e-book you can already acquire the necessary skill – yap! that’s how simple it is.

With this bookkeeping manual, we’ll teach you how to start bookkeeping in a very simple manner and would help your erase the burden or difficulty of handling your business transactions.

This would be very small money to be compared with the big problems you are at now.

For $10 or P500, we are offering you simple yet powerful bookkeeping skill which you can’t see in any seminars, trainings, or books but have the potential to change how you handle your business transactions.

You, as business owner, deserve to have very simple and time saving skill to record your business transactions. You have more things to do than bookkeeping but bookkeeping must not be ignored.

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P.S.  We’ve been applying this in our current business and this could work for you also. Go ahead and order your copy now. We’ll be giving bonus which is the soft copy of the excel sheet format that you can  use for your business. We encourage you to take action now and get your copy. This is the answer to your bookkeeping problems.