Discover the Five Year Plan of an OFW

“You Work abroad while you CAN and

learn the Five Year Secret Formula

to help you Go Back Home”

Hello Kabayan,

Kumusta na?

You are in this page for one reason: You want to know our Complete Secret Formula that helped Tristan to Go BACK HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES…

You know what? We are so delighted to share this secret formula that we used and worked to us effectively… BUT we have to warn you… Ang aming SECRET FORMULA ay para lang sa mga SERYOSO at sa mga MALALAKAS ANG LOOB

So if you are NOT MALAKAS ANG LOOB – We are really SORRY, what we are about to share is not right for you…but IF YOU ARE, then you may proceed…

Moving forward let us introduce ourselves…

We are The Cristobal. You can call us Tristan, the husband and Carmi, the wife.

Let us tell you right away that before we decided that Tristan need to work abroad – We already had an escape plan for being an OFW. We consider this plan as our medium term goal which is our Complete Secret Formula that helped Tristan to go back home in the Philippines after Five Years…

And the good news is!

We are going to reveal this to you – so that YOU too, CAN GO BACK HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES

This Complete Secret Formula is designed for all OFWs:

  • OFWs who doesn’t have savings….

  • OFWs who likes to go home but don’t know how… 

  • OFWs who doesn’t have an escape plan….

  • OFWs spent half or even more than half of their lives working abroad na wala pang ipon

  • OFWs na may problema sa family relationship lalo na sa partner…


We know and can feel every sacrifice that an OFW can make for his/her families. We know that being an OFW is a big sacrifice and no words can describe that. That is why OFWs are called our modern heroes. We always say we go abroad because of our Family and we always wanted to go back home – but HOW to go back home is the next BIG question…

Don’t worry about that “How” problem – We are here to share our FIVE YEAR COMPLETE SECRET FORMULA… But WE have to warn you… This COMPLETE SECRET FORMULA IS USELESS 




Dahil kahit saang bagay naman– kapag tinitigan mo lang at wala kang ginawa – walang mangyayari….

A plan without action is just a wasted dream…

Our goal

We are sharing our plan because we want to help our fellow OFWs and give guidance. Yes, the road of the plan is indeed difficult but it’s the most PRACTICAL SECRET FORMULA that we created.

The reality is – an OFW can’t go back home after 2-3 years kasi wala pang ipon ang OFW sa ilang taon na yan…. May mga OFWs na working for 20 years sa abroad pero wala pa ding ipon…

Now start to think about… 

  1. May ipon ka na ba? 

  2. Sa tingin mo sapat na ba yang ipon mo para makauwi ka sa Pinas?

We want this secret formula to be SHARED ASAP… We are already in the fourth year of our plan and you know what? THE PLAN IS WORKING. Btw, Tristan is already here in the Philippines last Feb 26, 2016 and we achieved our goal earlier than expected, meaning we were able to complete our formula in less than five years…

We believe that our Secret Formula is – REALISTIC – kaya we were able to make it. In this secret formula, you can have real ideas on HOW TO GO BACK HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES….

You have to know this because there is disaster for being an OFW..

The most common problem for OFW is when you tend to ignore the OFW problems. You keep pretending that you “KNOW” the problems and you know how to handle it.

Perhaps, you are in a situation where you feel like being an OFW is not worthy kasi wala kang IPON at MALAYO ka pa sa Pamilya mo…

• You feel like it’s difficult to go back home dahil sa gastusin…

• Iniisip mo na kapapadala mo lang ubos na agad…

• Magpadala ka nang maliit – UBOS

• Magpadala ka ng malaki – UBOS pa din…

• As an OFW, you tend to not go back home MUNA…

Here’s what you can do…

Imagine yourself: 

  • Na naka-uwi na…

  • Kasama mo ang pamilya mo after five years of sacrifices because may ginawa ka within five years… 

  • You don’t worry na 30 days lang ang ibinigay na bakasyon ng amo mo. 

  • Hindi ka na pipila sa OFW counter sa airport. 

  • Hindi mo na kailangan mag adjust sa hiram na sandali para mkapiling ang pamilya.

Versus: 

  • Isa ka pa ding OFW for 20 years …

  • The same scenario, the same feelings, the same everything…

  • For 20 years – palage mong pinapangarap na SANA MAKAUWI KA NA

Kabayan, saan mo gusto? Sa nakauwi ka na o sa 20 years na nasa abroad ka pa din,… Kapag naka-uwi ka nang mas maaga….

• Mas marami ka pang oras sa pamilya mo..

• Mas marami kang oras na pag-aralan ang mga bagay..

• May chance ka ulet maka-recover kaysa sa 20 years kang nasa abroad…

• Maaalagan at magagabayan mo ang anak mo…

• Mabubuo mo ang pamilyang gusto mo….

• Makakasama mo na ang partner mo…at bubuo kayo ng isang pamilya….

• Kapag umuwi ka, alam mong may ipon ka pa din kahit na walang laman ang iyong bulsa…

• Alam mong kayang-kaya mo nang mamuhay sa Pilipinas after five years…

We are making a difference…

This would be the first time that we will share this Five Year Plan; you might be surprised that it’s very simple. Five year of sacrifices is nothing against 20 years of doing the same things over and over again.

You as an OFW need a very simple but powerful plan….

• We are here to share and eventually help and guide you to escape the OFW life

• We are here to help you learn how to manage your finances through our simple technique…

• We are here to give you the importance of family

• We are here to give you something valuable that nobody shared to OFWs

• Lastly, we are here to guide and share to you the simple Secret Formula of our Five Year Plan

In this e-book, you’ll know:

• How to assess your reasons of going abroad…

• Key decision making formula that can help an OFW like you

• Assessing your finances and knowing your financial plan..….

• How to keep your goal intact and decide to go back home…

• The Ultimate Secret Formula Five Year Financial Plan so that you can go back home…

• Factors you need to consider when applying the secret formula of the five year plan…

• The answer sa Hanggang Kailan ka Magiging OFW….

Is this right for you?

Gustong gusto mo na ba makauwi at mkapiling ang pamilya mo? If yes, then this book is for you.

Again, this book is being shared for SERIOUS OFWs only who  like to go back home. This book is a Five Year Plan – Ibig sabihin, it takes time.. hindi biro ito.. KAYA PARA LANG SA SERYOSO

We are offering to you the blueprint of our plan – GO BACK HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES AFTER FIVE YEAR

What our fellow OFWs can say ?

 “I highly recommend this to all OFWs who still don’t have ESCAPE plan. Your wonderful ebook presents the realistic guide for OFWs. Thumbs Up! Discover the formula!” – Danny Salunga, OFW- KSA
   “I am an OFW for 8 years now…. I do have my plans to settle back home by year 2020. I feel like your Five Year Plan fits to my plan to settle back home by 2020… So I got your Five Year Plan to get more insights on how to plan back home… We OFWs have different stories, reasons, iba’t-iba ang ating mga drama kung bakit tayo nangingibang bansa and I am thankful for your inputs through your Five Year Plan…” – Mr. Reynato Clarin – Muscat, Oman 
“…It’s a challenge po sa aming magasawa kung pano po namin sisimulan ang pagpaplano sa aming paguwi…. Thank you po sa pag-share ng inyong Secret Formula for OFWs. Marami po ako natutunan sa inyo at maraming salamat” – Imee Cabral, OFW
“Your e-book is well done. Simple, realistic and practical. I can recommend to all OFW…….In this 5 year plan, na-verify ko na tama din pala ang plan ko at di ako nag-iisa….. Thumbs up for helping OFWs and sharing your thoughts and experiences ” – Jane Logan, OFW, UAE
Salamat po talaga sa pag-share ng secret formula niyo, hoping na magawa ko at ma-aaply para makatulong din sa finances naming mag-asawa…. Kharla Alto – OFW

How much?

We were thinking to give this for FREE but then we realized won’t it be UNFAIR FOR US?


But then our purpose is to help OFWs so we need to balance the two – fair and helping fellow OFWs.

So here’s the thing, let’s set the possibilities muna…

A. If you get this e-book, it’s POSSIBLE that you will LOVE IT and appreciate it BIG TIME. At MASASABI MONG – GANUN PALA YUN….

B. If you get this e-book, it’s also possible that you won’t appreciate it. BUT one thing for sure, you will learn and gain BIG TIME about this.

C. If you get this e-book, at the end of the day, you will gain knowledge and won’t lose anything, right?

Here’s the worst thing:

If you’ll not know our Five Year Complete Secret Formula, you will be working abroad as usual without any hints on how to ESCAPE and you won’t be with your family agad-agad or makakauwi ka pa din maybe after 10,15, 0r 20 years..


To be honest, we don’t know the cost of this book but we know the THINGS NA MAWAWALA FROM YOUR END kapag hindi mo nalaman ang aming Secret Formula… 

  1. Easy loss of time with your family – worst you still didn’t have a powerful formula to go back home to the Philippines, and 

  2. A dream lost To Go Back Home Sa Pilipinas…

In this Five Year Plan, the Complete Secret Formula will be revealed!

Just imagine this, we meet in a coffee shop because you need help or you want us to share to you the Complete Secret Formula – THIS IS FOR FREE….tapos sasabihin namin sayo, SIGE KITA KITS TAYO but you need to reimburse our taxi fare for our time and effort…Kung hindi naman, welcome ka pumunta sa bahay namen at mag usap tayo….Sounds fair to you?

With this, you only need to reimburse us SR50 (working in Middle East). More or less this is equivalent to P500, $10-15 or whatever country you are in…  – pamasahe lang– this is the reasonable cost that we think is fair para sa amin at sayo….

The cost is indeed very minimal  compared to the SOLUTION that we have and applying effectively….Kung tutuusin, this should be around P5,000 or more kasi lumalabas na consultation service but we don’t want to do that…

We hope that you know and  understand the VALUE that we are giving…

It’s a chance on HOW YOU CAN GO BACK HOME and $10 is really nothing.  This is just for the sake of the effort exerted of summarizing the things that we’ve been doing and a token of sharing this simple yet powerful Five Year Complete Formula..Sabihin mo na din na LEARNING FEE

And allow us to be honest with you kabayan, ang $10 is not the real VALUE of our hirap, pagod, luha, at sacrifices bilang mag-asawa – …. BUT we have a mission to help fellow OFWs, we are giving this for almost FREE to be compared sa COST and RISK nang pagiging isang OFW.

With just P500 ($10-$15), you can discover the Effective Secret Formula that we’ve been using and you will stop day dreaming na:

  1. Kailan ka kaya makakauwi?

  2. Tuwing Bakasyon na lang ba?

  3. Ang sarap mamuhay sa Pilipinas lalo na kapag kumpleto kayo nang pamilya mo.

  4. And being away from your family won’t help you achieve your goal immediately.

If you are dead SERIOUS, you better ACT NOW. And we know you are dead SERIOUS to know this Secret Formula…


Get your copy now here…

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Maraming Salamat, Kabayan!!! Our Secret formula is working effectively and we encourage you to take action now and get your copy.


The Cristobal

P.S. We believe that there’s NO OTHER book course that understand you as an OFW other than this. The authors are OFWs that’s why they know and understand you. This is a FIVE YEAR PLAN and it’s NO JOKE….

The Complete formula is WORKNG  EFFECTIVELY and you have to try this. Go ahead and get your copy now.

This could be the answer to your Question:


PPS. PLUS  You will receive additional gift. A business TIP for TAXI BUSINESS. This is an added value from our end to you by grabbing a copy. An actual business tip for a Taxi Business entitled “Would you like to have a Taxi Business”

Please inform us for any techinical issues in obtaining your copy