The Five Year Plan Workshop

Hello Kabayan,the-five-year-plan-workshop

Finally, we decided to conduct a workshop for our Five Year Plan as an OFW.

Let me tell you again my story…

I am Tristan Cristobal. I was an OFW for 5 years. I worked in Qatar for a year and Saudi for 4 years and 4 months.

I was single when I went to Qatar then I decided to go back abroad after a year of being married and working in Philippines. It was this second time that my wife and I decided to make an ESCAPE PLAN – our Five Year Plan.

So for number of years while I was working in Saudi, I was only dreaming to be back home in Philippines. It was like a shooting star that was very difficult to catch because it was beyond my capacity during that time.

But then I was wronged. After 4 years and 4 mos,  I came back home. I am with my wife and two kids.

Strong Convition

When you really wanted a thing. You should believe in it, have confidence, and strong conviction that you can achieve your goals. But the sad part is, we, OFWs, tend to misfocus because of our surroundings especially if you can hear problems from the Philippines. Tipong, “Sige na nga dito na lang muna ako, tiaga-tiaga muna hanggang sa matapus ang problema” Kaso kailan ba matatapus ang problema?

For those kababayans who wanted to go back home but have no strong conviction Don’t you worry, I’d been there. Hindi ka nag-iisa, madami tayo. I know how it feels like to be alone, worried, but the good thing is you can manage to be independent and to be strong even noone is around you to support you. 

For those, kakabayans na andito lang sa Pilipinas – consider yourselves very lucky because you don’t have to leave the country and your love ones. I know life here in the Philippines is not easy. It’s difficult to make money but I am telling you this – it’s a matter of perspective. A perspective that speaks about knowing those important things in your life. Tipong, ano ba ang priority mo ngayon na maaaring gusto mong mag-ibang bansa upang kumita ng mas malaki o mas gugustuhin mong kasama mo ang iyong pamilya…

My dear friends, as we move forward, we would like to invite and join us on our upcoming workshop entitled “The Five Year Plan of an x-OFW Workshop”. The workshop will be scheduled on December this year para mas madaming makaka-attend na mga kababayan at mas mahaba-habang oras natin….

What you will get in this workshop?

1. We will help you assess your current status if working abroad or going back home…
2. We will guide you how to handle relationships with your family…
3. We will teach you our own designed money management program and personal financial planning to help you realize important factors…
4. We will give you the blueprint on “Starting your business” – This is the how to start a business. We will share to you our Online and Traditional business… 

And most important of all, hear it from us directly. This even is  a one day workshop. You can let your family attend in behalf of you if you can’t go.

Para kanino ba itong Five Year Plan Workshop?

  1. Para sa mga kapwa OFW na seryosong makahanap ng paraan kung paano makakabalik sa Pilipinas
  2. Para sa mga OFW na matagal ng nasa abroad pero hindi pa din makauwi dahil wala pa ding ipon
  3. Para sa mga OFW na hindi makauwi dahil walang TIWALA kung kaya ba nilang mamuhay sa Pilipinas
  4. Para sa lahat ng gustong makabalik ng Pilipinas

Ang sambit ng karamihan sa amin ay, hindi ako makaka-attend Tristan dahil nasa abroad ako, pede ba ang kapamilya ko?

OO kabayan. Sa katanuyan nga kung sino man ang nakikita mong makakatulong sayo sa pagbalik ay mas mainam na makapunta dito sa aming workshop. Mas mainam na magkasama po kayo.

Initially, this will be held on December 2016.

How much is the workshop fee?

If you shoot us an email now, we will consider you as early bird. The early bird price is already over which is originally at $85 for the one day event.The workshop fee or your learning fee is at $100 now.

Considering the workshop will surely benefit you and your family, this is really cheap plus there will be on-going mentoring from time to time or let us say you can approach us anytime. Plus, the workshop is already inclusive of foods and seminar kits.

What are the benefits you can get?

  1. Sasagutin natin ang tanong na “Hanggang Kailan ka Magiging OFW?’
  2. Sasagutin natin ang tanong na “Kailangan mo pa bang maging OFW?”
  3. At higit sa lahat, madami kang matutunan about relationship, investment, business, responsibilities as OFWs, and money.

So if you are really serious, book your reservation now through:


The Cristobal

PS. We heard lot of bad news abroad. We decided to make this workshop to further help you. In this workshop, you will have the chance to ask directly and to hear from us.

Go ahead, confirm, and attend this Workshop. We promise a life changing event in this workshop that will help you go back home, or no need to go back abroad, and to properly manage your finances…
You can get the bank details here for Philippine Peso Account, please use $46 exchange rate



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Once deposited, plese send a copy of deposit slip to: to confirm your reservation.